Le théâtre Magique

Technical rider

Le Théâtre Magique is a theatre furnished with equipment certified by an independent authority and compliant with CE and NF C15-100 standards.
(ERP 1st group, type L, 4th category)

Capacity : 90 places

Deployment : 2 heures


Required area of 20m x 15m minimum on asphalt, concrete, gravel or lawn, if the soil is dry.
Access for heavy goods vehicle 40T (1 HGV), minimum height 4m30 (provide authorization if necessary) and a Renault Master (3.5 t LGV) with a trailer (generator). The ground location must be flat.
This area will allow the trailer to unfold correctly and also have place for the LGV and generator.
Le Théâtre Magique is equipped with two reversible air conditioning units inside the theatre.


Stage :

Le Théâtre Magique has a stage area of 5m40 wide (wings included) and a depth of 3m50 (upstage to downstage).
Stage without elevation.

Stage width 5m40
Proscenium opening 4m00
Total depth 3m50

Le Théâtre Magique is equipped with a motorized main curtain (traveller) and a black frame composed of 2 legs in wings and a black velvet backdrop.

Dressing Room :

Le Théâtre Magique has a dressing room with a costume rack and illuminated mirror. This area can also be used for storage.

Sound :

1 console MIDAS VENICE F16 R
Amplification system : 2 amplifiers de 2 x 750 w CX 1500 DAP
Sound diffusion system :
- 4 satellites XI-8 DAP
- 2 subwoofers XI -28 B DPA
Audio processing : numeric cross over 2 in - 4 out. DCP- 24 MKII
Multipair sound : 12 in - 4 out / installé à Jardin
CD player : CDR 110 MKIII DAP
DMT DLD-72 : dual 7’’ display with HDMI link mounted
Hand microphone Sennheiser
DPA headband microphone omni

Lights :

MA Lighting 2portnode on PC
Tactile screen 12 inch
DB -1-4 DMX Splitter for 4 outputs
6 wash lights INFINITY IW -720 Z Fonction wash RGBW, electronic zoom
2 x Fresnel DMX lights 1 LED 60 W CWOB
4 X COMPACT PAR 18 - 18 LEDs RGB 3-en-1
1 x Blacklight UV bar
Smoke machine ANTARI M-1 with wireless remote control

Intercom system :

Le Théâtre Magique is equipped with an intercom system for 2 positions : 1 stage left and 1 in the technical booth.

Other :

Video projector
Motorized screen : 4:3
Size: 84’’
Viewing area 1,710 x 1,280mm

Electricity :

Le Théâtre Magique can be completely independent on power supply with its generator.
To avoid sound problems we prefer to use a Tri or Mono plug protected by a GFCI 2A-3A or 80 kVA for the show. We provide a 20m length cable to enable connections of the Le Théâtre Magique to your installation.
Generator : LEPRON TE April 7500 Ess Tri 81245. Voltage Electric Power VA attached to the front exterior of Le Théâtre Magique.

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