Le théâtre Magique

A Magical journey !

Le Théâtre Magique is magical in its appearance and its incredible set up. It offers an interactive show where disappearance and levitation effects are present at each performance. The aim is to embark the audience on a journey to the land of magic and dreams. The duration of the shows are 1h sessions for schools and 1h30 for all public performances.

Le Théâtre Magique can also be hired, with or without entertainment, for various events (festivals, conventions, seminars, etc …).

100% Made in France

Le Théâtre Magique was created by the French company, Phil Keller Production, based in Viglain near Sully-sur-Loire, France. They wanted to work with a maximum of local companies in the central region of France for the realization of this project.

It gives the opportunity to offer live performances and discover the magic within an entertaining, enriching and cultural environment.

Of course, Le Théâtre Magique is also available for primary schools and enables children in the central region of France to discover the art of magic with cultural references.

Magic has indeed an important place in the history of the central region of France. The famous Robert Houdin was from Blois and is considered, without any dispute, as the father of modern magic.

The acknowledgement to this artist will also enlighten the audience on scientific inventions developed by Robert Houdin.

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