Le théâtre Magique

Travelling Magic Show

✨ Enter the magical world of www.letheatremagique.fr! Unique, perhaps in the world, The Magic Theater conjures up, as if by magic, a 90-seat room in the heart of a semi-trailer in less than 2 hours! Our traveling shows, overflowing with magic and illusions, unfold with autonomy, even in the most remote places, offering an exceptional moment of escape where the dream comes to life. ✨

Discover the enchanted mobile show from www.letheatremagique.fr! Transforming a semi-trailer into a 90-seat theater in less than 2 hours, Le Théâtre Magique brings a world of dreams, illusions and wonder to towns and villages where the arts are rare. A space where technology meets illusion to create magical and unforgettable moments, in complete autonomy and compliance.

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